Where Magnificent Minds Thrive

Learning Different. What comes to mind when you see those words? For many people, the second half of this descriptor is disturbing -- different. And when the two words are used together, it can cause overwhelming fear and anxiety for parents who are told their child might be Learning Different.

While looking over our website, I challenge you to think out of the box and make it your goal to formulate a new and positive concept of the word different in your mind. Different is diverse. Different is remarkable. Different is extraordinary!

There are countless gifts veiled in the minds of learning different students, and for 30 years, Oak Hill Academy has brought those gifts to light. There is no need to fear different any longer.  Oak Hill is here, and we are ready to unveil the magnificent mind of your child!

I invite you to contact me so I can learn more about your remarkable child!

Pam Quarterman

Executive Director





Discover what Oak Hill Academy has to offer your child....enjoy this video with testimony from students, teachers and parents.

Oak Hill Academy from CandleLight Films.