On-Campus Therapy and Tutoring


Oak Hill Academy's Speech-Language Therapy and Tutorial Clinic provides individual Speech-Language Therapy, Academic Language Therapy and academic tutoring for Oak Hill students, as well as children and adolescents from the community.  This assistance is customized to meet the needs of each individual and is provided before, after and during the school day.

Services Available:

  • Speech-Language Therapy addresses the needs of children with diagnosed speech and language disorders.  Certified and licensed speech-language pathologists help clients improve articulation, receptive and expressive language, auditory processing, voice and fluency skills.
  • Academic Language Therapy is for students who require additional individualized instruction in Alphabetic Phonics beyond what is offered as part of the regular curriculum.  Academic Language Therapists work with students to improve their reading, spelling and handwriting skills.  Students at Oak Hill Academy begin Academic Language Therapy in 2nd grade.
  • Academic Tutoring assists students who require additional one-on-one instruction and practice in classroom subjects such as reading, written expression, multisensory math, study skills and "readiness" work.  Academic tutoring is primarily provided by classroom teachers and is available before and after school.


Schedule and Rate:

The rate for therapy is $60 for each half-hour session and $120 for each full-hour session.  The frequency and length of sessions vary according to individual needs.  Students typically attend one or two half-hour sessions each week.

The rate for academic tutoring is $40 for each half-hour session ($80 per hour). 

Therapy and tutorial services are scheduled on a semester basis.  A contract will be issued specifying the dates and times of sessions, name of the therapist or tutor, number of sessions scheduled for the semester, rate per session and total cost for the semester.

For more information see the Therapy and Tutoring Clinic Page of our website or contact Karen Crance at kcrance@oakhillacademy.org or 214.353.8804 x 111.



The mission of SPOTS is to help children develop the sensory and motor skills necessary for successful performance in everyday functional tasks such as play, social interactions, self-help skills, and school performance. SPOTS provides individualized Occupational and Physical therapy services specifically targeted to each child’s needs as identified by a comprehensive evaluation and parent input. Here at Oak Hill Academy, we are passionate about children and believe that each child deserves to develop their full potential. SPOTS is a fun, family centered environment where your child will feel safe and supported in order to meet new challenges and build confidence.  Therapy is based on the individual needs of the child and is presented in the form of “play.”

SPOTS Specialty Services:

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