The Oak Hill Curriculum Vision

At Oak Hill we believe every student can lead a successful and fulfilling life. Each child comes to school with their own special blend of personality traits, interests, experiences, and abilities. So when it comes to curriculum, we don’t believe one size fits all. Students need opportunity to explore and realize their potential. We as educators must constantly ask ourselves, “What will kindle their passion?”

Oak Hill is an exceptional school and as such needs a specialized curriculum to prepare our students for the future. We are designing a curriculum that will provide the richest possible opportunities for your child to discover their gifts and passions and strengthen them to the greatest extent. However, it’s not all about the future. We want students to enjoy the path that leads there. Our curriculum is designed to enliven classrooms, capitalize on teacher creativity, and catalyze memorable learning experiences. At Oak Hill curriculum is designed so that your child may discover their own magnificent mind!

The curriculum we seek to implement at Oak Hill is being developed through a rigorous process. We have researched state and national standards, curriculum of other private and public schools, 21st century learning objectives, as well as current trends in education. Teams of teachers at our school have worked hand in hand towards the final product with our specialized population in mind. We don’t expect what we have to be static; however, there are “Ten Core Principles” that drive the development of our curriculum across all subjects:






Purpose Driven Student: At the center of our curriculum is what we call the “purpose driven student”. This is the student who, through diverse learning experiences and teacher guidance, has come to discover their own passions and gifts. We aspire to see every student bring their special gifts to their future community and flourish within it.

The rays that feed into the center are the broad areas of competency we see as necessary for students to utilize in finding their purpose and in successfully engaging within their future community. 

Creation and Design: We put a premium on project-based, hands-on learning. We want to give students opportunities to put skills and knowledge to work in novel ways. Solving problems and seeing how ideas apply to the real world will enliven students’ experiences and even give them opportunities to make an impact on community today.

Cooperation: In today’s world the opportunities to collaborate are becoming more common than ever, and as a result, innovation is excelling like never before. We desire our students to thrive in teams while accomplishing goals they could never achieve alone.    

Social and Emotional Health: We believe in order to truly help our students find greater success and happiness we must educate the whole child. Students will be more successful adults as they learn how to better navigate relationships and bring more competency to a sometimes unfamiliar world.

Character: Education isn’t solely about academics. It’s about cultivating students who will make a positive impact on their community and world. So much of true success depends on those timeless qualities of compassion, generosity, perseverance, and humility. We seek to model these day in and day out fully acknowledging they are most often caught, not taught.

Curiosity and Wonder: The world we live in is truly a wondrous place. We hope to instill a great sense of awe in our students in both what we know today and what we will discover tomorrow. The excitement of learning continues throughout all of life.

Information Intelligence: The amount of information available today is greater than it ever has been and is growing at exponential rates. We want our students to become adept at efficiently accessing and analyzing the information they need for their career and life paths while disregarding information that is irrelevant or misleading.  

Effective Expression: Often students engage in useful and novel thinking, however, they lack the communication skills to pass along their ideas. We desire to cultivate in our students creative and proficient skills in multiple forms of written and oral communication. This is essential for strong relationships and spreading ideas worth sharing.

Cultural Literacy: Our students need to be literate in the vast network of shared knowledge woven throughout our society. A solid foundation in basic principles and big ideas in subjects such as ecology, politics, business, health, literature, and art will serve all students in participating in our complicated, modern society. 

Numbers and Logic: We see an ever increasing rise in technology in number and logic based fields such as computer programming, robotics, and engineering. In light of this, we want our students to feel ease and familiarity with how numbers help us describe and view our world.  We desire our students to develop strong skills in areas such as number sense, patterns, probability, and financial sense both for their personal prosperity and that of our economy as a whole.

Independence: Our primary goal for our students is to see them live successful and happy lives as adults. Skills and smarts essential for living independently are woven throughout all of our diverse content. We want our students to be able to easily make sense of whatever comes their way and face their future with confidence.

Sample Curriculum for 3rd Grade Social Studies

Sample Curriculum for Middle School Social Studies