Organizational & Social Skills
Instructors spend time decoding tests and quizzes with students to reveal the cause related to their mistakes



ORGANIZATION can be a challenge for students with learning differences.

Oak Hill Academy developed an exclusive organizational program, designed to provide a simple, systematic approach that improves the physical and mental organizational skills of students in school and at home.

The OHA Custom Student Planner serves one semester at a time. Planners are distributed to students on the first day of class of each semester, and employs time planning for seven days a week.

ZEFFER is a canvas zippered expanding/accordion file. It is organized in a systematic, grade-level to grade-level, teacher-to-teacher format that ensures continuity and predictability - key components to success for students with learning differences.

Students need to develop the habit and skill of decoding tests and quizzes. This process reveals the reasons for mistakes made during the test taking process, and allows students to problem solve in ways that lead to improved study skills and test taking success.

Go Folders are sent home with students every Thursday, and contain important communication between the school and parents, as well as completed class work that is no longer needed at school. It is the responsibility of both parents and students to review the contents of the GO FOLDER on Thursday evening. Students return GO FOLDERS to their Advisor on Friday mornings.



Learning how to be a teammate can be difficult for some children


Social Awareness is often an area of weakness for children with diagnosed learning differences. We tend to consider school a place where children go to learn facts, concepts, and academic skills.  But there is another side of school that is just as important, and often times equally challenging for students with learning differences.  The social side of school involves making friends, keeping friends and learning how to be part of the world of one's own age group.  And it can be one of the most difficult parts of school.

Some of the most important social skills for students to acquire and implement during their growing years are: (1) Developing Relationships, (2) Maintaining Relationships, (3) Sending and Receiving Social Feedback, (4) Speaking and Understanding Social Language.

Oak Hill Academy's social skills curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students challenged by deficits in social development, and is differentiated by the age level of students.  Children in lower grades, specifically Pre-Primary and Kindergarten, spend more time developing basic skills such as eye contact.  Elementary students move on through the continuum of more complex skills at a faster pace and, over their elementary education experience, benefit from the re-introduction and repetition of exercises that support the eventual acquisition of the complex skills.  Middle School and Upper School students benefit from role play activities followed by group discussion and strategy time.