DIRFloortime addresses the social and emotional needs of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, attention disorders, speech and language disorders, and other developmental delays. Our Certified DIRFloortime therapist will use a child-directed, play-based approach to address the individual strengths and weaknesses of the client. It utilizes relationships, natural motivation, and play to target capacities for intimacy, non-verbal and verbal communication, pretend play, social cooperation, logical thinking, and emotional reasoning. Treatment goals are customized to meet the individual differences of the client. 

Individual DIRFloortime Therapy is available through the Speech-Language Clinic at Oak Hill Academy for Oak Hill students as well as children and adolescents from the community. Therapy is available in half-hour and one-hour sessions, one or two times a week. Sessions can be conducted 1:1 with the therapist or can include a peer, sibling, or parent. Sessions are typically scheduled before or after school.

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Denise Wright, MS, Certified DIRFloortime Therapist. ~ Ms. Wright is a teacher at Oak Hill Academy and an Intermediate DIRFloortime provider. She is one of only a few DIRFloortime therapists practicing in Dallas. She has worked in special education since 2008 and has her masters in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas.