Social Thinking

Oak Hill Academy has created a comprehensive approach to social skills that reaches out to all ages and social cognitive levels.  Nicole Gonzalez DeVoss, our Social Skills Coordinator,  incorporates Social Thinking® together with other social skills resources. 

What is Social Thinking®?

Social Thinking® is a cognitive behavioral treatment approach focused on fostering social learning due to weak social cognition or compelling social anxiety.  It is the ability to consider your own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, intentions, and knowledge in order to help interpret and respond to the information in your mind and possibly through your social behavioral interactions. 

We use the treatment framework and curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner to teach the thinking that underlies social skills. We explore Social Thinking and a student's related social skills. We also help to connect the dots on how the social mind impacts social academic tasks as well. We seek to teach students how to socially problem solve rather than to memorize because the social experience requires us to adapt our social behavior based on the situation and social situations constantly change!

Who Does it Benefit?

Therapy is geared towards those who have social cognitive deficits as a result of High-Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD), PDD-NOS, or those with no specific diagnosis. We work with students starting in kindergarten and, as students progress in school, they gradually move on to the more complex social thinking topics depending on their maturity and interest level. 

Why is Social Thinking® Different from Other Social Skills Therapy?

Social Skills group therapy incorporates repetition and positive reinforcement, behavioral modification methods that have been proven to be effective.  Additionally, this approach to therapy addresses the thought processes behind social interactions, which helps children carry over and apply social skills to new contexts and environments. 

Learn more about Social Thinking® at Michelle Garcia Winner's website: or contact Nicole DeVoss,











Nicole Gonzalez DeVoss, JD, MS, CCC-SLP,  Social Skills Coordinator ~  Mrs. DeVoss graduated from University of Texas-Dallas Callier Center with a Master's of Science in Communications Disorders. She is a speech and language pathologist and the Social Skills Coordinator for the school. She works with children both individually and in the classroom to help improve speech, language, and social skills deficits. She is also trained and certified in Social Thinking® by Michelle Garcia Winner.