Speech-Language Therapy

Oak Hill Academy offers Individual Speech-Language Therapy for students with diagnosed speech and language disorders.  Our staff of certified and licensed speech-language pathologists help children improve articulation, receptive and expressive language, auditory processing, voice, fluency, and social communication skills.  Speech-Language Assessments are also available through our clinic if needed. 

Signs that your child may benefit from speech-language therapy include concerns in the following areas:                   

  • limited vocabulary in comparison to his or her peers
  • frequent mistakes with grammar such as pronouns, verb tenses, and prepositions
  • difficulty pronouncing words and being understood by people outside the circle of those involved in his/her daily life
  • trouble understanding and following directions
  • struggling to comprehend what he or she hears or reads
  • difficulty formulating oral and written sentences
  • social issues, such as reading social cues or maintaining conversations with peers


For more information about the services available, please contact Karen Crance at kcrance@oakhillacademy.org or 214-353-8804, x111.


This link provides more information and registration packet for therapy. 

Individual Speech-Language Therapy Registration Packet