Community Service & Outreach


 "The Dallas-Haiti Project is all about people.  In the very complex world of today, there is a need to nurture human relationships.  To love no matter the differences, the geographical boundaries, the level of education or wealth...for the hopes, prayers and dreams of all mankind are universally the same."

Dallas-Haiti Project (DHP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been serving over 3,500 Haitian children and hundreds of teachers for more than eight years.  The mission of DHP has been to work toward promoting education programs for Haitian school children, jobs for Haitian women, and funds for scholarships and teacher salaries.

Now, more than ever, the sustenance of DHP's focus on humanitarian aid, education, health care and emergency funding is critical for the survivors in Haiti who are now living in ruin.




Oak Hill's annual Giving Project, benefiting children and families in Haiti, is a favorite among students who celebrated their eighth year supporting the non-profit.  A program sponsored by the Dallas-Haiti Project, Oak Hill students and families initiated this year's support of The Giving Project back in the fall with the collection of spare change for classroom piggy banks, known as "Change for Change." During "Coffee Carpools," in which donations were accepted as parents dropped off their students for school, and with the collection of 400 stuffed stockings, Oak Hill's support of St. Vincent's School for the Handicapped surpassed all expectations.


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