Student Life
Student Council sponsored Coffee Carpools to raise money for Oak Hill's sister school in Haiti. CLICK ON IMAGE TO LEARN MORE.



Student Life is an important and dynamic component of the school experience.   Outreach, clubs, sports and recreation activities help students engage in school life, which in turn nurtures academic, emotional and social growth. 

Within Oak Hill's caring environment committed to personal attention and guidance, each activity is designed to provide opportunities for students to enhance their academic experience. 

Student Council, community service, fund raising, class trips, athletics and more provide purposeful opportunities throughout each school year for community building and personal growth.



The purpose of Oak Hill Academy's Student Council program is to support and cultivate student leadership through involvement. The work of the Student Council fosters leadership and allows students to demonstrate their talents, skills and interests while continuing to develop new skills.  By inviting Council-generated ideas and responding to them in a positive way, teachers involve students in meaningful ways while also motivating them.

Oak Hill students made and collected more than 400 stockings for St. Vincent's School for Handicapped Children. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO LEARN MORE.



Oak Hill Academy's annual Giving Project, benefiting children and families in Haiti, is a favorite among students.  A program sponsored by the Dallas-Haiti Project, Oak Hill students and families initiated their support of The Giving Project back in the fall of 2009 with the collection of spare change for classroom piggy banks, known as "Change for Change." Combined with "Coffee Carpools" in which donations were accepted in exchange for a free cup of hot, fresh coffee as parents dropped off their students for school, and the collection of 400 stuffed stockings, Oak Hill's support of St. Vincent's School for the Handicapped surpassed all expectations.