Art & Drama
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Upper School students performing a play they wrote together in class. Weekly Art and Drama classes, under the direction of Capers for Kids, offer an opportunity for creative expression. For more information about Capers for Kids, click on the graphic.



For years, Oak Hill Academy has partnered with Capers For Kids to make creative arts an important part of the learning experience. Founded in 1978 by Sherry "Boo" Capers, Capers for Kids is a creative arts organization specializing in drama and visual art classes for children ages 3 to 14. Capers retains a staff of professional educators who hold degrees in their respective art areas, placing instructors in programs where natural connections between teachers and students can be made. The result is a unique student/teacher chemistry that nurtures the creative spirit of the children.

For more than twenty years Capers for Kids Creative Arts School set the standard for drama and art education in the Dallas area, believing that the skills children acquire through drama and art will enable them to better enjoy and understand the human experience. Capers specialized educators provide an environment conducive to an atmosphere of trust, where children feel free to create,

"Education is concerned with individuals; the arts are concerned with the individuality of individuals. The differences among people are often most clearly reflected through the arts; an opportunity for actually "doing" the arts is sometimes the wisest way of developing individuality." Brian Way, Development Through Drama